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    The Wiltshire Chilli Farm differentiates itself from other hot sauce producers in a number of ways. We are involved in every step of the process that goes towards making the hot sauces; from nurturing each individual chilli plant as it grows to harvesting the fresh chillis, using these to create our delicious and award winning products. This all takes place here on our farm in Wiltshire, in the South West of England.Take a look at the different types of chilli that we grow. Read More
  • The Farm

    The Wiltshire Chilli Farm is based just outside the town of Melksham in Wiltshire. As one of the few commercial chilli growers in the UK we grow a huge number of chilli plants (just over 5,000 in 2013). We use these in each of our chilli products, which we sell at markets, festivals and in our online shop, as well as offering the chillies fresh and dried for wholesale. Learn more about us and our history. Read More
  • Hot Sauces

    Here at The Wiltshire Chilli Farm we understand that not all people enjoy \\\'blow your head off\\\' sauces. That\\\'s why we offer a wide range of products: from the super mild to the ultra wild, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Check out our full range by clicking \\\'Read More\\\' and, if you find yourself spoilt for choice, take advantage of our any three items for £10 offer (discount applied at checkout). Delivery now £5.50 for up to 10 items. Read More
  • Wholesale

    All of our products are available in wholesale quantities, and our fresh chillies are available in small quantities whilst in season. We are also happy to wholesale our products to you for white-labelling. If you would like to become a stockist or are interested in purchasing fresh chillies then please do get in touch using the \\\'Contact Us\\\' tab at the top of the website. Read More

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Welcome to Wiltshire Chillies, online home of the Wiltshire Chilli Farm. We specialise in the cultivation of chilli plants, which we grow on our farm in Wiltshire, and which range from mild to super-hot. We are currently growing around 5,000 plants, and you can see the varieties that we grow by clicking on ‘Our Chillies’ at the top of this page..

In addition to growing our own chillies we also produce a wide range of chilli products, including jams and sauces. These are all made using our own fresh chillies and we do our best to locally source the rest of our ingredients. We focus on flavour before heat although we do make some ultra-hot stuff.






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  • 2013 Treefest award for sustainability

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  • What's this we had for lunch...

    wiltshirechillies: "What's this we had for lunch..."
  • ..oh yes he did.. ;-)

    wiltshirechillies: "..oh yes he did.. ;-)"
  • Bhut Jolokia, Red, Yellow, Chocolate and Peach

    wiltshirechillies: "Bhut Jolokia, Red, Yellow, Chocolate and Peach"
  • Brainstrains, Scorpions, super hots!

    wiltshirechillies: "Brainstrains, Scorpions, super hots!"
  • Aji Limon/Hot Lemon's - hundreds of pods

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  • Bhut Jolokia (our improved strain)

    wiltshirechillies: "Bhut Jolokia (our improved strain)"
  • The first brain strain of the season

    wiltshirechillies: "The first brain strain of the season"
  • Sunny July, bit of Reggie going on at the market

    wiltshirechillies: "Sunny July, bit of Reggie going on at the market"
  • One of the tunnels early July

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